• 4th (Wednesday) Parent’s Night 6:15- Fellowship Hall (parents only)
  • 5th (Thursday)- Orientation for the 3’s and Pre-K
  • 6th (Friday) -Orientation for the 4’s
  • 9th (Monday) Regular class schedules start
  • 19th (Thursday) Popsicle Night (meet the families’ night) all school invited from 7:00- 8:00 in the classrooms and on the patio


  • 16th (Wednesday)- Bike-a-thon (whole school) 10-11:00
  • 23rd (Wednesday)- Pumpkin Night with Dad for the 4’s
  • 24th Thursday)- Pumpkin Night with Dad for the 3’s and Pre-K
  • 30th (Wednesday) Halloween Party for the 4’s
  • 31st-(Thursday) Halloween Parties for the 3’s and Pre-K


  • 7th & 8th (Thursday & Friday) Fall Conferences (NO CLASSES)
  • 25th (Monday) Thanksgiving Feast for the 4’s
  • 26th (Tuesday) Thanksgiving Feasts for the 3’s and Pre-K
  • 27th-Dec 1st (Wednesday – Sunday) Thanksgiving Break (NO SCHOOL)


  • 4th & 5th (Wednesday & Thursday)- Usborne book sale
  • 19th (Thursday) Christmas Party 3’s and Pre-K
  • 20th (Friday) Christmas Parties 4’s
  • 23rd – January 5th – Christmas Break (NO SCHOOL)


  • 6th (Monday)- School resumes
  • 13th- Registration begins for 2020-21 school year -for current families
  • 17th (Friday) – Family Night/Talent Show /Potluck Dinner in Fellowship Hall
  • 20th – Martin Luther King Day – NO SCHOOL
  • 21st – Registration begins for past families and church families
  • 25th (Saturday) Open House- Open enrollment


  • 13th-(Thursday) – Valentine’s Day Party- 3’s and Pre-K
  • 14th (Friday) -Valentine’s Day Parties for the 4’s
  • 17th (Monday) Presidents Day- NO SCHOOL


  • 5th & 6th (Thursday & Friday) Spring Conferences NO CLASSES
  • 23rd-27th  (Monday-Friday) Spring Break NO CLASSES
  • 30th (Monday)-  School resumes


  • 4th (Saturday) – Bunny Brunch in Fellowship Hall
  • 7th  (Tuesday) – Easter Party 3’s
  • 8th (Wednesday) – Easter Parties 4’s & Pre-K
  • 9th-13th (Thursday-Monday) – Easter Break NO CLASSES
  • 14th (Tuesday) – School resumes
  • 25th (Saturday) – Spring open house


  • 1st & 2nd – (Friday & Saturday) Plant sale set up and Plant Sale (Fellowship Hall)
  • 7th (Thursday) – Mother’s Day Brunch 3’s and Pre-K
  • 8th (Friday) – Mother’s Day Brunch 4’s
  • 14th OR 15th (Thursday or Friday) -School Picnic at Winton Woods
  • 19th (Tuesday)- Last Day of class for the 3’s
  • 20th (Wednesday) -Last day of class for the 4’s and Pre-K
  • 21st (Thursday) -All school clean-up