Hello families new and old and welcome to the start of the 2021-22 school year! My name is Betsey Herzog and I am the chairperson of the board of parent volunteers. I just wanted to reach out and welcome everyone as well as offer some information about the start of the year. Brace yourself, it’s long, but necessary.

    I’m sure that everyone is wondering how we will approach the Covid elephant in the room. We have spoken to some parents and taken a board vote and we have decided to keep our Covid policy the same as last year. Students, teachers, and all visitors (regardless of vaccine status) will be required to wear masks while inside the building (except for snack time). Everyone entering school will also have their temperature taken upon arrival and if someone different comes for pickup, we will check them as well. An extra effort will still be made to clean tables, toys, banisters, and play equipment multiple times throughout the day and after each day. I know that everyone is over this whole thing, trust me I know, but the reality is that the safety of our children and families is more important than our not wanting to wear masks. Along with masking, if you have a lanyard that can be worn around the child’s neck to hold the mask, that is super helpful. 

   Secondly, going along with the Covid precautions, we started a different entrance/exit flow last year to keep social distancing as best we can and we would like to try to keep it going this year. For those of you familiar with our setup, this should be easy. For those of you who are new to us, I promise, we will walk you through it! When entering the school, everyone will enter the “small” door to the far left side of the building, never the big glass doors. Come into the hallway and turn right to the next hallway. When you get to the double doors, you will see stairs to your left and a big lobby in front of you. For the parents with children in Mrs Johnson’s and Ms Dees’s classes, please take those steps down and help your child wash their hands, hang coats/bags, get them situated in their class rooms and leave the school via the same steps you went down originally. For the parents with children in Mrs Curry’s class, please walk through the church lobby to the left. Against the window, there is a second set of steps for you to take your children down and help your child wash their hands, hang coats/bags, get them situated in their class rooms and leave the school via the same steps you went down originally. 

   We ask patience with us as we navigate this ever fluid process again this year. The kids did so well last year, we are hoping that this year is a repeat of a fantastic year. We look forward to putting faces to names as we get to meet you on September 8 for parent night. We plan to meet out in the parking lot, weather permitting, so please bring a chair or blanket to sit on. We do also request that this is adults only. 

Excited to see everyone soon! If there is more that I can do for you, let me know!



 1. Masks, temps, and extra cleaning

 2. Mrs Johnson’s class and Ms Dees’s class, take first steps. Mrs Curry’s class, back steps both in and out

 3. Parent night, September 8 6:15, parking lot

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