Greenhills Cooperative Preschool is a 501(c)3 and completely not-for-profit. All funds collected through tuition, fund-raising, and charitable contributions go to run the school.

What is a Co-op?

A Co-op is a nonprofit organization administered and maintained by parents of the children who attend. A Board elected by the member parents governs the school. The staff includes teachers degreed in early childhood or early elementary education and teachers’ aides. Being a Co-op helps reduce the cost of tuition. It also gives parents a unique opportunity to meet and work with their child’s teacher, his/her friends, parents of classmates, and to observe their child in school. As a Co-op member, you must participate in the following:

  • Parent Helper: Parents take turns assisting the teacher during class on a rotating basis. If your child is in the Threes class, you should expect a turn every six weeks. Parents of Fours and Pre-K help about once a month.
  • School Cleaning: At least one adult per enrolled child will be scheduled to clean the classrooms one Saturday morning.
  • Committees: Each family must serve on one committee of their choice per enrolled child. Committees include: Fund-raising, Special Events, Laundry, Orientation, Outdoor Maintenance and Repairs.
  • Fundraisers: Each family must participate in any one or multiple fundraisers to earn at least $135.00 school profit for one enrolled child before the end of the school year. For additional enrolled children, families are required to earn an additional $75.00. If you do not wish to participate in fundraisers, you may choose to pay $135.00 per enrolled child instead. This may be paid during the first month your child attends or can be paid in monthly installments throughout the school year.
  • Parties: Each family must bring in party goods (paper plates, cups, napkins or favors) for at least one party.
  • Field Trips: Parents/Guardians are required to participate in two field trips per enrolled child.


1955: Our school traces its roots to two mothers with preschoolers. They wanted their children to have the opportunity to play with other small children and learn the skills of group play. The group soon expanded to 18 mothers who rotated holding the classes in their homes.

1966: The school became licensed by the state and rented space at the Greenhills Community Church – Presbyterian. Since then the school has become incorporated. The school continues to grow and prosper with the help and cooperation of the school families.

1985: An additional classroom and two new classes were added to meet the growing needs of the community.

1988: A transitional class was created to meet the needs of the children whose birthdays center around the September 30 deadline. This class was replaced by offering a prekindergarten in 1994.

Our Days at School

Our dedicated teachers and staff have many years in education, and a few of our educators have worked tirelessly at the Co-op for over thirty years! All of our classes enjoy choice time where the kids can paint, color, play with play dough, play with dolls or a kitchen set in a “home” setting, play with musical instruments, read books, or play with their classmates. Every day the calendar, weather, and a letter or number of the day are explored. The children do pages in a journal and a workbook page or two, as well as practice how to read and write their name and other basics. Our children also enjoy snack time, show and tell, and some type of large muscle activity (either on our outdoor play set overlooking the park or in our muscle room on a set of climbers). Our parents are very involved with the day, we have at least one parent per class to help with daily activities, bring a snack, and see how their child engages in the classroom.