Yes, its true! The Greenhills Cooperative Preschool has been operating out of Greenhills Presbyterian Church for over fifty years, and now we are relocating. The 2018-19 school year will be the first year that our school will operate at Messiah Lutheran Church on Bossi Lane, near Winton Woods Park. A lot of thought and time went into the decision to move. This decision was very bittersweet as we have been at Greenhills Presbyterian for so long, but we firmly believe that God pointed us in this direction. As some of you know, the downstairs classrooms that we have always used flooded in November 2017. Class was in session, the rooms were unusable, and our future was uncertain for a few weeks. In that time, Jan Johnson, our hard-working administrator, put out feelers to everyone in the vicinity to see if we were unable to continue at our current location, would it be possible to move somewhere else. Luckily, midyear it worked out that we were able to use the classrooms upstairs to finish the school year. From those emergency talks, we established a nice rapport with the pastor at Messiah and we started a conversation that led to the possibility of moving to their church and continue to grow our mission in the community. The classrooms are large and well maintained, and everyone that we have come into contact with is very excited about the move. They are willing to put their own church money into renovating their rooms to meet our needs, as well as taking on the moving and installation of our playground equipment into a newly fenced area on their property. We will expand our space back to having two classrooms and a muscle room, which will permit running the classes simultaneously in the morning and could open the opportunity to expand our class numbers and enrichment possibilities. Our new space will offer a great view of the park and lake too; it will be a great environment for growing minds. Messiah plans to do their renovations for us after their already scheduled June bible school, and we should get into our classrooms in the beginning of August so we will have plenty of time to get settled before welcoming our kids for the school year. We are committed to keeping the same cooperative values, excellent staff, and loving education that has come to be expected from the co-op for over sixty years. We will continue to enhance education through parental cooperation. We are very excited about this new adventure and cannot wait to take you along!

Cooperatively yours, The parent and teacher board

Betsey Herzog, Jan Johnson, Kathy Curry, Heidi Doose, Jeanne Stephens, Mark Stephens, Kimberly Bain, Erin Hopster, Matt Wendel, Bonnie Titus, Shelli Hoffmann, and Jen Mandeville

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